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How many lessons will I need to pass my driving test?

This is the most common question we get asked but as no two individuals are the same, some people will need less and some more. Book a trial lesson with Viva driving school to get an assessment of your driving ability & the amount of lessons you will require to be fully prepared for the test.

For a 17 year old or a new beginner with no driving experience, the DSA officially advice at least a minimum of 40 hours of professional driving instruction & 10-20 hours private practise. This should only be used as a guide as the amount of actual hours required is completely dependent on the individual’s ability.

Viva driving school recommends that you take enough lessons to become a confident, competent driver. Your aim should be to pass first time as not being prepared adds extra pressure & can be costly as you have to pay for another test (£62) as well as further refresher lessons

What car will i learn to drive in?

All our cars are Modern air conditioned cars, fitted with Dual Controls for your safety. AUDI A1, A3. Ford Fiesta or award winning Citroen DS3. The Toyota Yaris, Stylish & fun cars to learn in & with a really small turning circle making manoeuvres such as parallel parking, reverse bay parking

Where will the examiner take me on my driving test?

At Viva driving school we already familiarise you with the test routes, dual carriageways & roundabouts that are likely* be used on your test. The actual test route used on the day will be decided by the examiner

How long will the test last?

About 42 minutes approximately.

Which manoeuvres will I have to carry out?

You will be asked to do one reverse park exercise and potentially an emergency or controlled stop, all of them can be carried out at anytime during the driving test.

1.Pull up on the right-hand side of the road, reverse 2 car lengths whilst observing for other road users and then rejoin traffic.

2. Reverse into a bay, within the two lines and observing for other road users & exit car park safely.

3. Drive forward into a bay between the two lines & reverse out observing for other road users & exit car park safely.

4. Reverse park or more commonly known as ” parallel park” behind another car parking reasonably close to the curb finishing no more than two car lengths away under control whilst observing for other road users

Can I drive an automatic car after I pass my Test?

If you pass in a manual car, you can also drive an automatic however, if you pass in an automatic you will have to take a separate test in order to drive a manual.

I have been advised by friends to drive slowly during the test to show that I am a safe driver.

The speed you drive is determined by the speed limit, the type of road, weather and traffic conditions. You can fail for going too fast, but you can also fail for going too slowly or showing undue hesitancy.

How will the examiner mark my driving test?

The examiner will mark your driving skill on the DL25 form (green form). You will be familiar with this as Viva driving school use this on your mock test.

Does each examiner have a target of fails & passes?

No – examiners are quality checked by the DSA. They will be fair to you & only assess you on your driving skills if you drive well, you will pass. (Under 15 minors & no serious faults)

What happens when I pass?

Firstly well done! You earned it. The examiner will offer advice about your driving and issue a pass certificate & take your provisional licence details. Your Full Driving licence will arrive in the post approximately 3 weeks later.

Can I start to take driving lessons before I pass my Theory test?

Yes you can start your driving lessons before passing your Theory Test (see Theory Test) but you cannot apply for your Practical Test until you have a valid Theory Test certificate.

What is the minimum age i can start taking lessons?

You can start to drive a car at 16, but only if you are in receipt of the higher rate of disability living allowance. If not, then it is 17 years of age. (You can apply for a Provisional license 3 months before your 17th Birthday)

How much will it cost me to pass my Theory test?

The cost of your Theory Test is £23.00. Click here more for information